50 Basic English Exercises for 2-3 Grade

A student course on Word Classes, Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Articles, Pronouns, Proper Nouns, Number, Exclamation, Soundwords, Handwriting, Spelling, Sentences, Grammar, Semantic, Book Review, Evaluation Sheets, Extra Practice Worksheets and Teacher Guides, Workplan and Sources.

For 2’nd – 3’rd grade and homeschooling. Read the Teachers Methods on page 60 for further informations and instructions on how to use the pages. Created by Helene Larsen who has worked as a school teacher for multilingual students for 16 years.

We have to make the abstract concrete and use every moment as an example. - Helene Larsen    

Teachers Rights

Teachers can freely print the necessary worksheets out as many times and to as many students they wish and there is no expiration date.
After you bought the materiel remember to check for updates and new worksheets available to download for free from your 1pen account.


This is the first book in a series of 2 for 2-4 class. It is a brilliant all in one material, made as a course around the children’s book The Little Green Dragon. Here we work with word classes, grammar, semantic and writing. Read aloud, Step by Step, from the abstract to the concrete with evaluation sheets for the entire class.

This will teach the students basic fundamental skills by practice, preunderstanding, reading, and following instructions.
Students learn to evaluate and correct mistakes, write sentences, write beautiful and find their own style.

Practice preunderstanding by using videos, simple explanation, one subject at the time, Practice, Repeat, with all senses activated, eyes, ears, mouth, hand. Furthermore by word explanation, Reading aloud from the book, visit and use the weblinks.

The course ends with a book review of any book you work with. You are also welcome to visit our webpage and give a real online review of this book with your class.

Workplan and Suggestions

The book is made for 24 lessons a 45 minutes + intro and evaluation time.. If you choose to read the book along with the exercises it is recommended to choose a specific time of the week, make the exercises first lesson and read the following chapter in the next lesson while the students are drawing. To train the student’s preunderstanding. Each chapter takes from 10-15 minutes to read and it has 23 chapters. Further teacher instructions in the book.

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55 Basic English Grammar, Reading and Writing Exercises With 2. -3. grade

50 Basic English Exercises for 2-3 grade

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