Helene Larsen - Chief Editor 1pen ePublish

Helene Larsen

Chief Editor – Webmaster – Author – Teacher – Graphic Designer – Illustrator – Networker

Born and Study
Copenhagen, Denmark 1973, studied as a teacher at Haderselv Statseminarium
from 1999-2002

Helene Larsen - Oil Painting

Helene also participated in numerous television programs and volunteer work for crime and radicalization prevention, empowering the youngsters in our societies.

She has tremendous experience and success in helping children with challenges in learning, behavior, ADHD, or PTSD in both schools and families.

1Pen ePublish

1pen ePublish is located in Copenhagen Denmark but started as an idea while Helene was teaching in Jordan in 2014. She has always written poems and short stories since she was very young, and during her work as a teacher, she has developed her own teaching materials and written down numerous ideas for new books she would love to publish.

These are stories for children, poems, teacher materials, and social issues and will be made primarily in digital formats because it is easier to send around the world, to edit and update, and to be much more gentle to the environment.

The idea behind 1pen is to give others the chance to get their books published, either on 1pen webshop or to help become an independent indie author. We are updated with the latest news and knowledge about publishing worldwide, ebooks, and their formats, readers, and updates.

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