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How to Teach Kid’s to Read

How To Teach Kid’s to Read in 2020+

What are the successful methods of effective teaching of our children today? Why do so many students forget what they learned? Why are we ending up with confused students that lack initiative and vitality? What plan are we all following, and what should be the child’s plan?

This book will transform and inspire any parent, teacher, or professionals who work with children. Here, you will learn about the practical methods that will benefit both you and the students.

The Methods of:

 Time  •  Plan  •  Safety  •  Memory  •  Learning  • Focus

Helene Larsen is a cherished, compassionate and charming teacher. She has a bold and touching way of sharing her knowledge. 

She grew up in several foster care homes and had been going to 13 different schools as a child. 

Helene decided to become a teacher herself and has now worked for 20 years with multilingual children and adults. In both private schools, language schools, and as a speaker. 

Helene also participated in several television programs. She worked as a volunteer for crime and radicalization prevention. 

Her goal is to empower the youngsters in our societies. She has tremendous experience and success in supporting families and helping children. Her focus area is challenges in learning, behavior, ADHD, or PTSD in both schools and families.

Don’t miss these universal and fundamental methods to empower your students with a better focus and a stronger mindset.


How To Teach Kids to Read

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