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The 2019 Test of 30 Free eReader App’s for Apple, Android and PC

About eBook Formats, Devices and Applications We have received a lot of questions from our customers about ebooks, formats and how to open them and decided to test some free eReader programs out with our new first ebook The Little Green Dragon. You can read about the ebook formats, the notes and features and our test results here. eBook Formats Ebooks are sold in different formats and can be read by several devices. The first ebook format that was used is PDF and is read by a PDF reader such ...

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eBook Features

Features in Our eBooks We strive with great interest to make our books with great eBook Features. To be readable by as many readers as possible. At the same time, we desire to make the production environmental friendly. This is why we only create ebooks to save paper. The language is easy to read and we use Helvetica font which is one of the fonts dyslexia readers preferred in a study. Furthermore, the ebooks are available in the Open Dyslexic font which we have tested on dyslexia readers. M...

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