Color Crazy: Find Out What Happens When 3 Little Colors Go Crazy by Lori Rosen

I recently discovered that one of my creative Facebook friends, Lori Rosen, has published a book about Crayons that talk about Colors!

She was so kind to tell me all about the book, I absolutely loved it and decided to make a blogpost about it so you and your children can know about this wonderful book too and share it with your friends.
This is a great and fun way to teach children about the very basic of colors from reading the text, then how to play with the 3 primary colors to learn and experiment on how to mix them, create new colors and draw their own drawings.
It is an excellent book for parents and caretakers of children from 2 to 6 years old. The language and font make it a fun read for beginner readers too!
All you need is an hour or two, a child and some paper and crayons. And remember:
Children at this age
just love to read the same book over and over again!
Color Crazy: Find Out What Happens When 3 Little Colors Go Crazy

You can purchase it now on Amazon! 

About The Book

Lori Rosen combines her long-time practice as a Life Coach, with her artistic background, to create books for adults and children.

Her debut children’s book is called “Color Crazy: Find Out What Happens When 3 Little Colors Go Crazy”. Told whimsically by the crayons themselves who learn that you can LOVE everything you are, and can always be MORE by collaborating and learning from others. The primary color crayons find out that with a little cooperation, and some fun color mixing, they can create the secondary colors of green, orange and purple!

The book has fun activity pages to deepen the leaning, as well as suggestions for parents on how to use the books concepts to strengthen observational skills and mindfulness in children on the go.

Don’t forget to leave a review, it helps others like you find the book and I’d love to know how you enjoyed it!

About The Author

Lori Rosen

Lori Rosen is a Life Coach, Healing Arts and Meditation Instructor, with over 20 years in her field, where she continues to practice.

Recently, she turned her attention to writing. From a long list of potentially interesting subjects, she chose to publish a children’s art and activity book called “Color Crazy: Find Out What Happens When 3 Little Colors Go Crazy”.

I wanted to help introduce preschoolers to the joys of color and the many transformations that can take place with color mixing. A deeper theme of the book is that you can love everything about yourself AND always be more by collaborating and learning from others.

I also wanted the book to promote observational skills by encouraging children to find things in the real world that match the new colors they have learned about in the book. I feel Mindfulness is a practice and a skill, that will serve them well all through school, and into a rich, full life as an adult.”

A former healthcare professional, Ms. Rosen has a keen interest in the wellness and is looking forward to publishing more books for both children and adults.

Lori Rosen was born in Connecticut, where she lived with her family till she graduated high school. Her family moved to Florida and after 30 years there raising her own family, she recently moved to Savannah, Georgia with her husband and 3 boy kitties, where she writes, designs surface patterns and continues to see clients in her thriving Life Coaching practice.

You can connect with her on Facebook at:
and see more of her art and designs on Instagram at:

Enjoy the Reading and Please Share!

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