Dap & Tif From River Valley 1

The Story

This is the first of 4 books about Daf and Tif from River Valley.

It is springtime, and 2 new animals are born and hatched in the same tree. They become friends and go on adventures across the river. Here they meet new animals who also become their friends.

The children will learn a few facts about animals and their lives. This can open up to a wonderful talk and an adventure for them to learn more about animals and nature.

The story has very simple sentences for beginner readers. It is perfect for introducing sentences, nouns, and verbs. And a cute bedtime story for the youngest.

About this book

Title: Dap and Tif from River Valey 1

ISBN: 978-87-93566-14-9

Author: Helene Larsen

Illustrator: Helene Larsen

Publisher: 1pen ePublish

Words: 440

Format: eBook

Date: 20.03.2020

Webshop: https://1pen-epublish.com

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