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We strive with great interest to make our books with great eBook Features. To be readable by as many readers as possible. At the same time, we desire to make the production environmental friendly. This is why we only create ebooks to save paper. The language is easy to read and we use Helvetica font which is one of the fonts dyslexia readers preferred in a study. Furthermore, the ebooks are available in the Open Dyslexic font which we have tested on dyslexia readers.

“Learn through Reading, Reflecting and Creativity.” - Helene    


The books are translated into several languages, at the moment we have English, Danish and French. We are working on more translations in Spanish, Turkish and Arabic. 


The books are made in 3 different formats, ePub, Kobo and Mobi for Kindle. They can be read on PC, Apple tablets, phone, Kobo, Kindle or Android device, like Samsung and Huwai. We have created a manual for opening and reading the e-books on different devices with our suggested free e-reader app’s.

The ebook format is changing and developing and we are following up on the news. We will keep adding more eBook features and functions to make our books the best quality with all updates and accessibilities possible.

The illustrations are created by Helene Larsen. They are colourful and can support the conversation with children about situations in the story.

One Tree Planted 1pen Partner

We are proud to be a partner with the organisation OneTreePlanted and we are donating 1$ for every book we sell – You can read more about them and follow their fabulous work here – One Tree Planted.


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    Inger Jensen July 28, 2019 (15:59)

    Anbefaling af “Den lille grønne drage” (jeg kunne ikke lige finde, hvor jeg skulle skrive).
    En virkelig fængende og bevægende historie, der er smukt illustreret med farvestrålende billeder.
    Jeg kunne slet ikke slippe fortællingen, da jeg først var begyndt, og jeg glæder mig til at læse den for mine børnebørn og bonusbørnebørn.
    Historien hviler fint i sig selv, men er også oplagt til at få en snak om temaer, som mobning, det at være udenfor fællesskabet, skoleskift, egoisme, sult og nød, demokrati, integration, forskellige kulturer, de gode/de onde osv.

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