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eBook Features in 1pen’s eBooks

The Violin Player - 1pen ePublish blog - eBook Features - by

Features in Our eBooks

We strive with great interest in making our books with great eBook Features. To be readable by as many readers as possible. At the same time, we desire to make the production environment-friendly by creating ebooks to save paper. The language and fonts are easy to read. We use Robotto, Garamon, Montserrat, and Helvetica font. Open Dyslexia and Helvetica are some of the fonts dyslexia readers preferred in a study.  

“Learn through Reading, Reflecting and Creativity.” 


Our goal is to get our books translated into several languages. At the moment we have English, Danish and soon Arabic  


We create the books in 4 different formats, ePub, Kobo, PDF, and Mobi for Kindle. You can read them on PC, Apple tablets, phones, Kobo, Kindle, or Android devices, like Samsung and Huawei. 

1pen has created a manual for opening and reading the ebooks on different devices with our suggested free e-reader apps.

The ebook format is changing and developing, and we are following up on the news. We will keep adding more eBook features and functions to make our books the best quality with all updates and accessibilities possible.

Helene Larsen creates the illustrations. They are colorful and can support the conversation with children about situations in the story.

DRM Protection

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management ad books bought for specific devices, and from paid account platforms with their app usually have DRM protection, which means you need their app and the account to have access to your book. You cannot download the book as a single file and read it on another device.When you buy ebooks from 1pen ePublish, they have no DRM protection. You buy the file to save and use on any device you prefer and without an expiration date. The Copyrights always protect all authors and illustrators. 

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