30 Basic Hand Writing Exercises – FREE pdf

30 Basic Exercises with the 100 most common English Words 

This is a 30-day handwriting course for all beginners in the simplest shapes, letters, numbers, words, and short sentences from small poems and quotes.

Anything we use repeated time and attention on will automatically be absorbed by our brains and habits. 

The brain can not Not Learn. 


About this book:

Title: 30 Basic Exercises with the 100 most common English Words  – ISBN: 978-87-93566-11-8 – Author: Helene Larsen – Illustrator: Helene Larsen – Format: PDF – Level: Beginner – Pages: 36 – Publisher: 1pen ePublish – Fonts: Roboto slab, Aviano Royal, AnayaHand – Published: Nov. 2019 – Edition: First Editioin – Webshop: https://1pen-epublish.com/

Download pdf and Print out Today!

3o Basic Handwriting Exercises
Book info
Letter Shapes
Same shape Letters
Minor Letters
Capital Letters
1oo most use English Words
Blank Sheeo

Teachers Rights

Teachers can freely print the necessary worksheets out as many times and to as many students they wish and there is no expiration date.
After you bought the material remember to check for updates and new worksheets available to download for free from your 1pen account.


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