How to Open an ePub File on Android, PC or Apple Devices

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How to Open an ePub File on Android, PC, or Apple Devices

Congratulations on your new eBook – Let’s Start Reading!!

You have received an email with a download link for your new book. Download the book and save it to a folder on your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone.

 To open and read the e-pub format, we need an E-pub reader program. We call these programs applications or apps, and you can download them for free on all platforms. 

PC USERS -Windows

It is always a good idea to use the latest version of Windows. If you use Explorer on your PC, the book can open in Explorer, which is the browser’s default e-pub reader app.

 On Chrome, we can use ex. Readium that is free from the Chrome App store. You can also search your favorite browser and find any app that best suits you and your ebook format.

ANDROID – Samsung – Huwaei – Sony

On Android platforms, as in any Samsung, Huawei, or SONY device, you can find many free e-pub readers in the Play Store. We have ex. used the Lithium as a test app on our ebooks.

 After installing the app, it will search for your ebook files, or you can locate your file and open it with the app.

APPLE – iPhone – Mac – iPad

By default, Apple products have the app iBook installed and access to iStore. Here you can search for other ePub readers and try out what suits your needs and desires best.

Download and install your app and allow it to search for ebooks on your platform. You can also open the book from the folder you saved it in, and your new app will then open the book, and you can start reading.

eReader Test

Do you want to know more about the different apps for different devices? Check out our 2019 test of 30 free e-reader apps for PC, Android, and Apple HERE! 

Any Questions? – Contact Us!

Enjoy your reading, and finally write to us if any problems arise. We are available with help and guidance about any ebook format. or write to us from the CONTACT form from

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