The Little Green Dragon – ePub

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Title: The Little Green Dragon

ISBN: 9788-87-93566-03-3

Author: Hanne Tonga

Illustrations: Helene Larsen

Digital ebook: 225 pages

Chapters: 23 in 3 parts

LIX: 24 – Interest Age – 6-12

Format: ePub

Languages: English, Danish, French

Published: July 2019

Edition: First Release

Fonts: Helvetica, Aviano, Montserrat, Univers

Publisher: © 2019 1Pen ePublish


The fairy tale The Little Green Dragon is a children’s book for children age 6-12
This is the story of a dragon born in a forest where many animals and different races live. The dragon grows up in a home where it does not belong, therefore it is not accepted.
The dragon’s love for the forest and animals gives it self-esteem and it develops strategies while dreaming to have a friendship with a real friend.
Loneliness, sorrow and need for someone who resembles it, make the little green dragon go out to look for other green dragons. When he finally arrives, his journey has only just begun.
Here, the little dragon is also excluded by the community because it is foreign. No one knows it. However, it gets friends it can play and cooperate with, but jealousy and anxiety give it a lot of extra struggle.
A modern fantasy about taboo topics such as; loneliness, exclusion, empathy, jealousy, self-confidence, emotions, bullying and trials, but also about tolerance and friendships that arise across one another when helping one another.
The book is suitable for reading and has a LIX number of 24 correspondings to the 3-4 class.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very userfriendly to pay and create account, also it is a wonderfull book in great quality. The kids loved the story and illustrations. We definitely need to read it again.

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