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Foreword by Helene Larsen

The Little Green Dragon – A Super Book for Fantasy and Forest Lovers! Read it for your children and grandchildren, to your pupils or together with a friend.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present to you a wonderful new fantasy adventure for children. Which you furthermore can add to your collection of modern Danish fairytales.
The Little Green Dragon is written many years ago by a dear and very wise friend, Hanne Tonga. She has been living in Africa where she used to tell stories to her son.
The book is a collection of 23 chapters divided into 3 parts.In summary the story is dealing with important issues, which children from all over the world are dealing with every day.
When I first read the story I simply loved it and found it very necessary for all children and adults to read.We finally decided to publish the book and likewise started to edit it and create illustrations. In this book an opening is created to talk with our children about being different.
Above all it is about belonging in society, living in harmony with nature, being accepted as a friend, dealing with bullying. And last but not least how to solve all these problems together with our friends and protecting the diversity.
In conclusion I am sure you are going to enjoy this marvellous adventure. Just as much as the children who have already heard the story about The Litte Green Dragon – A real treasure for our Classic Fantasy Genre.

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“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” Peter Pan

Key Chapters In The Book

“That the little green dragon couldn’t answer. It had never been called anything other than the little green dragon. In a society, with red dragons, that was enough because it was only him who was green. In this forest, there were many green dragons. One wouldn’t know who he was unless he had a name.”

  • Will The Little Green Dragon Find a Friend?

    It is not easy to find a friend if they all have to look the same and you look different.

  • Will The Little Green Dragon Find the Green Dragons?

    A long and unknown way does not stop a little curious dragon who is on a mission.

  • Will The Little Green Dragon Be Accepted?

    A stranger can be dangerous. No one knows what changes he might bring with him.

  • Will The Little Green Dragon Pass the Tests?

    If one can use his eyes, study the plants and become a friend with the forest, he might get help.

  • Will The Little Green Dragon Escape the Danger?

    When we are not careful and forget warnings and protection we might get into trouble.

  • Will The Little Green Dragon Find His Family?

    Everybody needs to belong somewhere and sometimes we need to travel far to get there.

The Little Green Dragon

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The Red Dragon Forest.

There once was a country. Filled with big forests, yellow and green fields, rivers and streams, as well as towns and roads. If you entered one of the forests, you would see tall old trees stretching toward the sky. There were not many flowers but many plants and bushes.

There were many sounds. Leaves rattled, animals snowed and plants creaking and screaming. Many would now say that plants cannot scream, but they can. If one continued deep into the forest, one would come to an open space surrounded by houses built into the trees. This was the village of the red dragons. Here the dragons lived in secret from the humans, because these were afraid of dragons.

In the village of the red dragons, it was the time of year when the eggs were hatched. All this happened outside the houses, where the female dragons were lying so they could talk together. The male dragons worked in the fields and provided food for all. There where peace and quiet in the village.

The eggs hatched little by little, and each time the proud mother showed her little new dragon to all the other female dragons around her. As the days passed, eventually only one egg was left. ‘If the egg doesn’t break tomorrow,’ said the father dragon when he came from the field. ‘Then you have to stop laying on it, because the other dragon kids need you.’

The dragon mother nodded, although she didn’t think it was right to leave this egg. Therefore, she lay all night and whispered to it: ‘Come on out, little dragon, or I’ll have to leave and let you lie.’ Next morning there were deep cracks in the shell. When the father dragon saw it, he gave permission for the dragon mother to lay another day.

It was a good decision because in the afternoon the shell burst. The dragons around her made big eyes when they saw what came out of the egg. It was a very fine little green dragon. But how did an egg from a green dragon end up in a red dragon mothers nest?


Det spørgsmål kunne ingen svare på. Alle anså den lille grønne drage for en fremmed. Han var anderledes end dem. De røde drager vidste, at der i en anden skov langt, langt væk boede grønne drager. Røde dragemor beholdt den lille grønne drage, selv om mange af de andre syntes, at han skulle sendes væk.

’Han er alt for lille,’ svarede hun roligt. ’Og jeg har ikke ruget ham ud af ægget for, at han skal klare sig selv eller komme galt afsted.’ Hun talte så bestemt, at de andre drager bøjede sig for hendes beslutning. Den lille grønne drage blev altså i landsbyen. Men det var ikke sjovt at være anderledes. Han blev drillet. Hver gang dragemor ikke hørte det, skældte de andre ud på ham og fortalte ham, hvor grim hans farve var.

Tiden gik. Den lille drage var nu kommet i den alder, hvor man normalt fik venner. Han havde ingen, for de andre drageunger ville ikke lege med ham. Selv hvis en af dem havde villet, kunne det ikke lade sig gøre, for forældrene holdt dem væk fra ham. Drageungerne hørte, hvordan de voksne talte, og brugte de samme ord, når de talte til eller om ham. For unger kommer oftest til at ligne deres forældre.

Derfor tilbragte den lille grønne drage det meste af tiden alene. Han gik på opdagelse i skoven omkring landsbyen og brugte mange timer på at se, hvordan dyrene levede, og planterne voksede. Han kunne efterligne fuglenes sang. Han nød at ligge på ryggen og kikke op gennem træernes kroner på himlen. Uden at vide det, blev han lidt efter lidt i stand til at læse naturen. Dette er en god ting, når man bor langt inde i en skov. Men mange har enten aldrig lært det eller de har glemt det.

En dag, da han lå og kikkede op i himlen, kunne han mærke, at jorden under ham gyngede. Det var, som om noget stort og tungt gik gennem skoven. Han lå lidt og følte efter. Jorden gyngede godt nok.


Il s’est levé et a marché dans la direction, d’où il pensait que cela venait. Il est allé au bord de la forêt. La mère dragonne lui avait dit, qu’il ne devrait jamais aller trop près du bord, c’était trop loin du village et dangereux. Après avoir marché pendant un certain temps, il pouvait entendre une décharge régulière. Les oiseaux ont cessé de chanter et les autres animaux se taisaient. C’était, comme si la forêt gardait sa respiration.

Le petit dragon vert avançait doucement et avec soin. Il ne voudrait pas être vu avant de savoir ce qui marchait dans la forêt. Le sous-bois étant devenu moins dense, le petit dragon vert savait, qu’il n’était pas loin du bord interdit. Maintenant la terre tremblait tellement, qu’il n’était pas possible pour lui de se tenir debout.

Il s’est rapproché avec soin et a vu un très grand pied, qui descendait vers lui. Le pied était au bout d’une très grande jambe, appartenant à un très grand homme. C’était un géant. Il avait entendu les vieux parler de géants. Tout le monde avait peur d’eux. Ils n’étaient pas amicaux. Ils étaient si grands, qu’ils ne pouvaient pas voir ce qu’ils écrasaient avec leurs énormes pieds, quand ils marchaient dans une forêt. C’est peut-être pourquoi il était dit, qu’ils n’étaient pas amicaux.

Après avoir vu ce qui faisait trembler la forêt, il s’est retourné et s’est glissé en direction du village. Lorsqu’il était assez loin, il s’est levé et a commencé à courir. Il a couru et couru. Il était tellement essoufflé, qu’il pouvait à peine parler.

”Un géant est en route!” Il soufflait en voyant les premiers dragons rouges. ”Quelles sont ces balivernes? De quoi parle-t-il?” La réponse a sonné. Le petit dragon vert a couru jusqu’à ce, qu’il soit rentré chez sa mère. ”Maman!” Criait-il, ”il y a un géant dans la forêt!”


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Book Information

Title: The Little Green Dragon
ISBN: 9788-87-93566-03-3
Author: Hanne Tonga
Illustrator: Helene Larsen
Digital eBook: 225 pages
Chapters: 23 in 3 parts
LIX: 24
Interest Age: 8-12 years
Formats: ePub – Nook – Kindle
Available in: English, French, Danish
Published:  June 1, 2019
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: 1Pen e-Publish

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1pen e-Publish - From Fiction to Reality
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Zanne on 1pen e-Publish - From Fiction to Reality

I like the little dragon. He is different from his parents, but not afraid to try stuff, getting freinds and later getting a new family. He is being testet more than average, but cope with open heart and learn from others mistakes. He is not afraid of anything, wants to learn, to know tings. Looking forward to read the rest of the book.

Jeg kan godt lide den lille drage. Han er forskellig fra sine forældre, men ikke bange for at prøve ting, få venner og senere få en ny familie. Han bliver testet mere end gennemsnittet, men takler det med åbent hjerte og lærer af andres fejltagelser. Han er ikke bange for noget, vil lære, at kende ting. Ser frem til at læse resten af bogen.

by Inger Jensen on 1pen e-Publish - From Fiction to Reality
Anbefaling af “Den lille grønne drage”

En virkelig fængende og bevægende historie, der er smukt illustreret med farvestrålende billeder.

Jeg kunne slet ikke slippe fortællingen, da jeg først var begyndt, og jeg glæder mig til at læse den for mine børnebørn og bonusbørnebørn.

Historien hviler fint i sig selv, men er også oplagt til at få en snak om temaer, som mobning, det at være udenfor fællesskabet, skoleskift, egoisme, sult og nød, demokrati, integration, forskellige kulturer, de gode/de onde osv.


A truly captivating and moving story, beautifully illustrated with brightly colored images.

I couldn't let go of the story at all when I first started, and I'm looking forward to reading it to my grandchildren and bonus grandchildren.

The story rests nicely in itself, but is also obvious to talk about issues such as bullying, being outside the community, school change, selfishness, hunger and distress, democracy, integration, different cultures, the good / the bad, etc.

by Gitte Wilsdahl Christensen on 1pen e-Publish - From Fiction to Reality
Den lille grønne drage

Har man børn i skolealderen i 3- 4 klasse, eller godt selv kan lide, at læse højt for sine børn / børnebørn, så er denne bog virkelig værd, at bruge penge på.

Bogen beskriver meget levende, hvordan det er at føle sig udenfor som barn, og alligevel have drømmen om, at finde gode venner. Jeg blev selv så optaget af, at læse den, at jeg kom til, at læse den hele på en gang 🙂 Og jeg kan ellers slet ikke koncentrere mig om at læse i længere tid ad gangen, men her var jeg altså solgt til stanglakrids

If you have children of school age in 3- 4 class, or like to read aloud to their children/grandchildren, then this book is really worth spending money on.

The book very vividly describes what it is like to feel outside as a child, and yet have the dream of finding good friends. I was so busy reading it that I came to read it all at once 🙂 And otherwise I can't concentrate on reading for a long time at a time, but here I was sold to pole liquorice

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About The Author

Hanne Tonga

Born 1947 in Copenhagen, studied and lived in Africa were she wrote:

The Little Green Dragon 

Through a long stay of 28 years in Côte d’Ivoire, Hanne has both worked in the local film company in Abidjan, in the Ministry of Education, to produce information and development films for the villages.

Later she worke at the Danish Embassy as a local employee, and then as CEO at a new factory that produced ice cream.

Hanne has gathered a myriad of knowledge and experiences and transformed them into a source of stories that contain a meaningful mix of multiple cultures.

Hanne came back to Denmark in 2003 and in 2016 she and Helene Larsen founded the publishing company 1Pen e-Publish.

Making Books the old way!

One of Hannes many job experiences come from a book publisher when she was younger. We found a little entertaining film that show how book binding was done back then and still today- you can also watch it on Vimeo here !

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