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What 1pen Can Do For You

In particular our goal is to provide great stories and useful learning materials. Also we aim to produce quality products in multiple languages and in the same time protect the environment. We therefore produce eBooks to save paper and also partnered up with the amazing OneTree Planted.


Our ebooks all contain worldwide standards for acesibiltty setting and data, for our customers with viewing disabilities.  We also created versions with the open source OpenDyslexic Font 
for our readers with dyslexia.

1pen's Partner

OneTreePlanted is planting trees in deforested areas around the world. 1pen has proudly ben accepted as Partners and we support their work for our precious Nature. You can follow their work here OneTree Planted.

How To Open an ePub?

We create free manuals on How To use all our products with information about the different formats and reader app’s we have tested. Here you can find our first pdf Mini Manual on How To Open an e-Pub.

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